Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
By John Gideon on 11/17/2008, 4:41pm PT  

The subject of the moment seems to be Internet voting. The media isn’t reporting about it yet but the mailing list groups are all abuzz with concerns about Internet voting and, in my opinion, they should be concerned. The security of the Internet, or more correctly the lack of security of the Internet, should concern everyone in elections. Election officials like to tell anyone who will listen that their voting systems are totally secure yet many are also now talking about voting over the insecure Internet. A couple months ago the Department of Defense sent letters to all 50 states asking them to consider more use of the internet for voting. The Washington SOS is now on record as wanting to do something to forward that plan. Florida Senator Bill Nelson, has a bill filed that would ban all Internet voting yet he has recently come out in favor of Internet voting. This fight for secure voting will take everyone from the Election Integrity Community, I’m afraid. I hope we can forestall the inevitable until someone can figure out a way to make Internet voting secure....

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