San Francisco's Green960 announces 'Goddess of Progressive Talk' to be syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, home to Limbaugh, Hannity and other rightwing talkers
Updated: Premiere announces return date of May 11, show to broadcast live from D.C....
By Brad Friedman on 4/23/2009, 4:10pm PT  

[Updated with Premiere's official announcement at end of article.]

Following a nearly two-month absence from the airwaves, Progressive radio talker Randi Rhodes is set to return, according to an announcement this afternoon from John Scott of San Francisco's Green960 (KKGN). She will be syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks as reported in a video-taped announcement just posted on the Green960 website.

Premiere is known for their national syndication of far-right talkers such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura and Glenn Beck. Rhodes, known by fans as the "Goddess of Progressive Talk", had formerly been with NovaM Radio, which folded when she left, and at Air America Radio prior to that...

Scott's video-taped announcement included the results of an online poll which the station had been holding to determine who would replace Rhodes after she'd left the air in February, during a fall out concerning her contract with Nova M. He had been prepared to announce the results of that poll today and that Rhodes was far and away the winner, when word came of her imminent return.

[Disclosure: We were one of the candidates on Green960's poll, and were just beaten out by a few votes by Rachel Maddow, according to Scott's video announcement. We have also sat in as guest host on the Randi Rhodes Show in the past.]

"What we were gonna do was tell you we were gonna try to get her back," Scott says on the video before dramatically pronouncing: "Well, early this morning I got word from the national syndicator Premiere Radio Networks, that they were making an announcement today, April 23rd, that Randi Rhodes has been signed to a national syndication deal."

"So we got lucky, and I actually mobilized the staff, and said let's get this out as soon as possible. Randi Rhodes is coming back on the air as soon as possible."

The precise date of her return has not yet been announced and there is no announcement as of yet on the Premiere Radio website.

"We'll have more details on Randi Rhodes time and the day she'll make her debut," Scott promises. "Watch my blog every day on and you'll find out."

UPDATE: Radio Ink now has Premiere's announcement, noting she'll begin broadcasting again on May 11 out of Washington D.C.:

LOS ANGELES --- April 23, 2009: Premiere Radio Networks adds The Randi Rhodes Show to its lineup of nationally syndicated shows, beginning May 11. The show will broadcast live from Washington, DC, and early affiliates will include KTLK/Los Angeles, KKGN/San Francisco, and KPOJ/Portland, OR.

"Randi has carved a niche in talk radio with her straight-forward approach, intelligence, wit, and fact-driven content --- qualities that attract audiences," said Premiere EVP/Affiliate Marketing Julie Talbott. "We can't wait to deliver The Randi Rhodes Show to stations nationwide."

Rhodes said, "Right now, America needs a voice that reflects its hopes and concerns. It will be my privilege and pleasure to provide vital information to the public about everything that is possible in the 21st century, and also have a few laughs along the way. Premiere is an incredible family of radio pros, and is truly the most talented and experienced radio syndicator in the nation. I'm exited about this decision and Premiere's enthusiasm for this partnership. It's truly a dream come true.

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