By Brad Friedman on 5/10/2010, 12:43pm PT  

After all these years, not much has changed for the denialist jurisdictions that still insult their voters by using 100% unverifiable electronic voting machines.

Pittsburgh's WTAE filed a report last week with a ring of exhausting familiarity --- at least to long time readers of The BRAD BLOG. This one stars, as usual, both an open, unsecured door to the warehouse, and an election official --- in this case, Allegheny County Pennsylvania's Election Division manager, Mark Wolosik --- claiming he's "seen" no problems before, so everything is just dandy, nothing to worry about when it comes to his support of the use of 100% unverifiable electronic voting systems by his county's voters...

"We have all these tests in place. We test before and after, and we haven't seen anything that shows that anything has been tampered with," Wolosik tells WTAE in the report, actually seeming convinced of the e-voting vendor-approved, scientifically-disemboweled propaganda on which he has foolishly decided to stake his career as an election official.

That anybody --- anybody --- is still using 100% unverifiable touch-screen voting machines after all of these years --- much less ES&S' iVotronic systems which have failed spectactularly in election after election, year after year --- is astonishing. And yet, many parts of Pennsylvania (including the two largest jurisdictions of both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) will do exactly that during their upcoming May 18th primary, and again this November.

For the record, as we've noted many times in the past, we are unaware of a single piece of evidence that exists to show that any vote, for any candidate or initiative on the ballot in any election, anywhere at any time, has ever been counted accurately, as per any voter's intent, on any Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, commonly: "touch-screen") voting machine.

For years, we've asked any election official or e-voting vendor to provide any such evidence. None have. Because they can't. None exists. None. That, despite millions of 100% faith-based votes having been cast on such machines in a process which is 100% antithetical to the idea of citizen-overseeable democracy and self-governance.

Kentucky is also set to use the same, oft-failed, easily-hacked ES&S iVotronic touch-screen systems in its May 18th primary when their Sec. of State Trey Grayson --- who has completely ignored e-voting problems and the use of uncertified voting machines in the past --- will oversee his own primary election contest for the GOP Senatorial nomination against Dr. Rand Paul, son of TX Rep. Ron Paul (as we warned in late March to little notice. Candidate Paul has now twice-declined our invitations to appear on the radio to discuss the matter.)

Recently, half a dozen of the top election officials --- including the County Clerk, a district court judge, and the county's School Superintendent --- were found guilty in federal court of having gamed elections for decades in Clay County, KY. Their most recent scheme in 2006 involved changing the votes of legal voters on ES&S' iVotronic systems without the voters' knowledge after they'd left the virtual "booth."

When the next election blows up due to these systems --- and it will --- we'll hope nobody faults The BRAD BLOG for having done our damndest, over the past six years, and literally thousands of articles, to warn of what is to come. Apparently it's very easy to ignore the warnings.

At least they won't be able to say, as with 9/11, as with Katrina, as with the BP disaster: "Who could have foreseen it?"


[Note to WTAE and "Team 4": Appreciate your coverage. Hate that you do not allow embedding of video, since exponentially more viewers would otherwise be able to similarly appreciate your work if you did! This is 2010.]

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